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Work life balance as a sales person

Achieving a balance between your work life and your home life if you are a sales person can sometimes be difficult. We are expected to use the hours from 9 to 5 for customer face time and because we don’t really have fixed work hours, use the hours after 5 for proposal writing, social events etc. We often wonder how to fit it all in with family responsibilities and “me” time.

As a sales person we know that the harder we work, the bigger the paycheque as most often there is a variable portion to sales jobs. We have to be careful not to let the quest for cash rule over everything. A well balanced sales person has a better chance of coming back from a weekend refreshed and ready to do more battle than a sales person who spent their entire weekend working. Creativity and sales go hand in hand so resting your brain or changing the air can actually help you perform better on Monday morning.

We generally have the luxury of planning our own schedules. We should use this carefully. Is there a natural ebb and flow to your business? Are there quieter periods during every week, month or year? You can use those times to for administrative duties. Plan carefully for those times and schedule those things that we tend to put off.

It is important to do a variety of different things with your time. It will make you a more interesting sales person to your clients and others around you and a side benefit is a healthier mind. All of these things will help us in oour day job; selling.

Happy selling

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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