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Our Free starter package allows you not only to be part of simple listing but gives you a full dedicated web page on our website.

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To be listed is essential, but to get the best results you have to stand out. In order to let you do just that, we offer you 3 premium packages that will give the more serious companies a lot more visibility across the directory.

Introducing the Premium Banner

The premium packages come with a placement selection of premium banners. Each banner contains a full summary of your informations and is displayed above the standard listings, giving you a lot more visibility.

Our 3 Premium Packages to choose from:

Bronze Package
  • 1 Premium Banner
    • in your city
Gold Package
  • 3 Premium Banners
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    • in your province
    • in your main specialty
Platinum Package
  • 6 Premium Banners
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    • in your main specialty
    • 3 more banners in cities or specialties of your choice
  • Bonus: Get listed as a partner

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