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When a step back in your career could be a good move

Sometimes you want to take a step back or perhaps circumstances have dictated it. How do you do so without it being a career killer by Sirius Personnel.


Sales Leaders’ top annoyances.avi

Sales leaders told Sirius Personnel what their pet peeves were with some sales people.


What sales leaders are looking for in sales people.avi

We did an informal survey of sales leaders and here is what they told me about what they were looking for in sales people by Sirius Personnel.


Many minority candidates don’t know whether to identify themselves as such on their resume. What are the pros and cons from Sirius Personnel.


Top 10 ways to work with a recruiter

Many people are not sure how to work with a recruiter. Sirius Personnel; sales recruiter presents a top 10 list of how to work successfully with a recruiter.


Great candidate but bad interview -How to recover

Sometimes an interview just does not go as well as you expected. You`re a good candidate but something goes wrong. Can you or how do you recover by Sirius Personnel.


Career networking: how and why?

As a sales recruiter we see many candidates who have not taken the time to build a network of contacts before they need them. This video from Sirius Personnel is about how and why you need to do so.


How to work with a sales recruiter

A recruiter technically works for the client but a good recruiter needs to strike a delicate balance between the employer and candidate.


For Sales Managers- recruiting for sales.avi

Here is a short guide for Sales Managers recruiting sales people by Sirius Personnel.


How last place went to 1st place in 3 weeks.avi

This is a true story of how someone went from last place to first place in 3 weeks by Sirius Personnel.

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