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Non verbal communication and sales people

According to the scientist Mehrabian, what we say accounts for only 7% of how we are perceived. Tone of voice accounts for 38% and 55% is body language. The exact percentages can be debated but what remains true is that what we say is only part of the picture. Our credibility as sales people depends on all 3 of these factors working in harmony.

As a sales recruiter, I see many sales people who interview with me and believe it or not won’t make eye contact or cross their arms. These kinds of things tell me right away that something is wrong. During the sales interview how you explain difficult situations and how they were resolved is going to tell the interviewer about your credibility. If you were fired from a job, practice how you will explain the situation. I’m not saying make it up but run it by someone else to get their feedback. You need to be 100% honest or else it might come back to bit you.

The initial phone call is also important. If you are sleeping, let the phone go to voice. I can usually hear that in your voice. If you are job hunting, train your family members on how to answer the phone and what to say. I once called a candidate at 3 pm and his wife answered and told me that he was having a nap. This is not the best 1st impression.

Follow these simple rules:

  • Smile
  • Sit up straight
  • Make eye contact but don’t stare
  • Leaning forward slightly can show that you are interested in what your interviewer is saying
  • Moderate the tomne of your voice according to the situation
  • Notice others around you. How do you react their body language?

Happy selling

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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