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Managing your online brand

Managing your online brand

Whenever I get a new client and sometimes with candidates; I’ll Google their name and read what comes up. I do this to gain some insight on the people I meet. I want to know what makes them tick. I also periodically Google my name. Increasingly, clients are doing the same. I am always amazed what comes up with some candidates.
As semi public figures; sales people must manage their brands very carefully. I once found some compromising photos of a candidate on his Facebook page and so did my client who was interviewing him.

There are social networks for business and those for friends. “And never the twain shall meet”- well almost. If you are on LinkedIn, make sure that these are business associates and Facebook for friends or really close business associates. I read somewhere that you should not put anything on the web that you don’t want your mother seeing or reading. Separate your 2 lives. I will be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn ( and my company’s Facebook account but my personal Facebook is for friends or business associates with whom I spend time and I would not be ashamed to show my mother everything on there.

Remember that employers are searching for information about you-let it be the positive stuff that they find.

Consider that some of the online content may never be erased. Don’t let youthful indiscretions cost you a great job!

Happy selling

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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