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Managing your brand

You are your own brand and every choice you make, tells your audience a little about you.

I met a candidate about 1 year about who had been downsized after 18 years at a large multinational. His life had been all about corporation X. He never took the time to build his “brand”. Faced with unemployment at the young age of 47, he had nowhere to turn. His social life and business life was filled with people from corporation X. He never took the time to build his brand. No matter how happy you are in your present position, take time to meet people outside of your company, network at lunches and cocktails. How about picking up a cause that his dear to you. Giving back is a responsibility. It is also a great place to meet like-minded people.

Get out of your comfort zone and go to an even alone. It will force you to meet new people.

What are you all about? Who do you associate with?

Take the time to build solid relationships. Pick up the phone and make time for people. And don’t just do it to get something back in return. Do it because you are genuinely interested in meeting new people or learning more about someone.

How about learning a new skill or going back to school? Perfect a skill or go back to school to sharpen or deepen your knowledge. Invest in yourself.

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Find out what you’re good at and teach it to someone else. This is also about giving back.

Don’t wait until you need people to need people.

Your brand belongs to you,so master it. This will help you in your current position and future ones but don’t wait until you need to build your brand to start. It should be an ongoing effort.

Happy Selling

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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