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1. Tell yourself that it’s just temporary-If you have been on top before and find yourself in a slump, tell yourself “and this too shall pass”. This expression means that dark and dreary days will turn around. But it also means that the Klondike days don’t last either. The best thing that you can do as a salesperson is not to forget the basics so that you are ready when the good times roll around again.

2. Align yourself with successful people-this is not the time to shy away from those people who are doing well. Listen, watch and learn from these people. Happy and successful people’s attitude should rub off on you.

3. Take a good hard look at your work habits-have you been consistently doing what has made you successful in the past? Continue doing what’s working, stop what isn’t and look to add 1 or 2 more great practices.

4. Adjust your attitude-sometimes the limitations are between our 2 ears. Listen to one of the positive podcasts, read a sales motivational book or attend a seminar. These short term solutions are sometimes what we need-even if it’s for a whole month.

5. Set some short term goals-use the carrot approach to reward yourself for some short term goals. It could a goal as short as by this Friday, I want to…

6. Make a list-sit down in a quiet area and make a list of your priorities that need to get done. It is very easy to get distracted by emails, phone calls and casual visits. Do the things that you like the least 1st-get them out of the way. If they are important enough to make your list then by all means do them.

7. Advance your sales processes-you are not here to make the sale, although that would be great. Your goal is to move your sales from one stage to the next.

8. Mingle-get out there, meet new people, and share a cocktail and a joke. This may act as a diversion but you may meet a suspect.

9. Meet other sales people in non competitive industries-how can you help each other? Do they have customers you’d like to get at? And vice versa?

10. Help someone else-this does not have to be business related and can be completely altruistic. Helping someone else always makes you feel better and the side benefit is that you may have changed a life.

Happy selling


by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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