Comments and thoughts about a HeadHunter’s life

1. All of your contact info-I know that I am stating the obvious but as a sales recruiter, I still see resumes without email addresses or phone numbers.

2. Description of your employer-I want to see a 1 liner description of your department. Imagine you work for GE. Do you sell appliances, transformers or medical imaging equipment.

3. Accomplishments-I want to know that I am dealing with someone who is a winner. Give me % over quota.

4. Exact dates– it’s a personal pet peeve of mine to see just years. There is one exception here; those of us who have a very long career can do so. Does 2007-2009 mean 2 years are just over 1 year?

5. Territory-did you serve a postal code, a province, state or 1 building? Did you have a vertical territory or a geographic one?

6. Kind of sales-were you inside or outside and did you serve an existing base of customer or was it 100% development?

7. Action-show me in words that you are a person of action. This can be accomplished by words and the look and feel of your resume.

8. Personalize it– so many times I receive a resume or cover letter addressing another position. This is very lazy. Take the time to have a resume or cover letter for a sales recruiter.

9. Think with the end in mind-“what’s in it for me”. Think like your audience-why should they care about seeing your resume or you.

10. Impeccable grammar and spelling-need I say more about this one?

this does not mean that it has to be 22 pages (I actually got one this long once).
Keep it succinct. keep them coming back for more.

happy selling.

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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