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I have three different kinds of customers; those who swear by tests, those that think that its quackery and those who are in the middle. I have customers who administer the test even before a face to face interview. In fact, they determine whether to meet the candidate based on the test results.

The companies that seem to be having great success with tests have them tailor made. What they have done is have their performing and non-performing folks write the test viagra price turkey then look for communality with their performers. They then model future tests on the performers and avoid the traits of the non-performers. The only danger here is this will push you towards having a homogeneous workforce. It may quash creativity.

You also must look out for cultural differences that these tests sometimes have. You may be looking for aggressiveness in a sales person but it may manifest itself differently in different cultures. This is not to say that non North Americans cannot be aggressive.

Another factor that can influence a test is that some people try to guess what the interviewer wants and end up “failing” the test. It’s really important to explain the purpose of test what you will be looking for. Some people get nervous because you call it a test and don’t perform well. They expect to find a trap in the test and the nervousness gets the better of them.

I have found that clients who use the test to anticipate where training and support are needed, do well. They use the test to validate what the interviews show and help develop a future employee.

I would be curious to find out which kind of client has the better track canadian pharmacy online record.

by Dawn Williams, President of Sirius Personnel

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