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Student Jobs – Staffing agency for students Montreal

Student Jobs - Staffing agency for students Montreal

Student Jobs International Inc. is a new employment agency for students in Montreal. We recruit students because they are flexible, intelligent and eager to learn. It’s our mission to find study related jobs that will give students valuable work experience for their future careers. Not only we recruit students for part time and summer jobs, we also recruit students for internships and entry level jobs.

Having a job, related to the field of study increases the student’s employability and helps employers discover talent in an early stage. Students who are offered a full time job after graduation don’t require a complete and expensive job training and students provide the employer with the lasted academic information about the business. Student Jobs International provides a staffing solution for both needs by matching employers and students online.


Student Jobs International was founded by L.L.M. Koen Withagen in November 2012. Koen Withagen has a law degree from the University of Amsterdam and worked for the Dutch Trade organization of staffing agencies and has been a freelance consultant for Dutch staffing agencies over the past two years. His affinity for the internet and staffing made him decide to create an online staffing agency focused on students.


One day at a staffing industry conference one of the speakers presented the short movie below. Within a few minutes it showed at what pace our world is changing. This is one of the sources of inspiration behind the Student Jobs’ staffing concept. The movie shows that prospects of maintaining a life time career are becoming less realistic. More and more people look for changes of job type and industry throughout their careers and start their job search online. Like many of his generation, Koen Withagen has had several jobs, in various industries. This has brought him a broad experience and diversified his knowledge about working life. Koen Withagen saw the opportunity to blend both his experience in internet marketing and of the staffing business to create a new online staffing concept for the Millenial and Y-generation.

– See more at: http://student-jobs.ca/about-us/#sthash.MU7xbv8A.dpuf

Address5947 Normanville
Montreal (QC) H2W 2L3
Telephone 514-699-7682

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