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Mark Staffing Solutions – Staffing Agency – Calgary

Mark Staffing in Calgary specializes in placing all office positions including, but not limited to:

  • Administrative Support
  • Office Services
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Management
  • Customer Contact Services
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Support
  • Legal

Our services include:

Flexible Staffing
Ideal for vacation relief, short or long-term illnesses, maternity leaves, cyclical overtime situations and project based work.

Direct Hire
Mark Staffing will manage the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and skills testing of applicants, and refer suitable candidates for your open position, offering you a cost effective method of hiring.  All direct hire placements also come with a three month guarantee.

Flexible-to-Direct Hire
The Mark Staffing Field Associate remains on our flexible staffing payroll for a pre-established evaluation period, typically 12 weeks, in order to assess the Field Associate’s fit with your company. Once this period is completed, you can hire the Field Associate on directly as your employee for a minimal fee.

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