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Halliwell Consulting – IT Recruitment Agency – Charlottetown

Halliwell Consulting offers a range of services to suit your requirements:

Permanent Placement
Long-term growth for your business may require personnel who are interested in continued employment with your company. Halliwell Consulting conducts an extensive search for qualified candidates who are presented for your final review and interview. You make the final selection.

Contract or Project Assignment
To help you through your peak work times, Halliwell Consulting can provide a wide range of skilled contract personnel on an “as and when required” basis. You will be billed only for the hours that the contract personnel work and you may terminate their service when your project is complete.

Project Teams
Halliwell Consulting can organize a project team to work on your premises or off-site. As with your temporary and permanent placement, we carefully screen each candidate for your project team and select only the candidates who will contribute to the success of the project. Once again, you make the final selection. Halliwell Consulting can arrange office space and all office facilities convenient to your company. Our charge for setting up and running the office can be added to the hourly rate of each contract worker or can be charged on a project basis.

With the high cost of hiring and staff reduction, many of our clients are realizing the flexibility and the financial benefits of pay rolling former employees or personnel who have made direct application to your firm. Pay rolling through Halliwell Consulting allows you to

  • Staff up quickly with personnel with whom you are familiar
  • Relieve yourself of any further financial responsibilities when the personnel are no longer required.

It’s fast, efficient and cost effective.

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Address51 University Avenue
Charlottetown (PE) C1A 4K8
Telephone 1-800-339-5917
Fax 866-569-8215

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