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ESS Direct is located in Barrie, Ontario so we are well positioned to cover the areas we know best.  We would define this as the near north, or more specifically north of highway 7.  This includes urban centres such as Bradford, Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Muskoka and the Peterborough area.

We live and work in a smaller urban centre and we understand that the employment needs of clients in these areas is somewhat different than in the Greater Toronto Area.  It is often tempting to focus on recruiting candidates out of the GTA but often times they will eventually be unhappy with relocation or it might not be a good fit for their family.  We understand this and prioritize these issues as it is critical that the successful candidate is positioned for a long term role with their new employer.  As a third party recruiter it is easier for us to delve into these issues and generate discussion about lifestyle and family than it is for the client to do so directly.  All candidates need to have the technical qualifications for a position but it is often the softer issues like fit and family that determine the long term success.

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Address411 Huronia Road Unit 1B
Barrie (ON) L4N 9B3
Telephone 705-730-1899
Fax 705-730-1018

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