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Aboriginal Workforce – Construction Recruitment Agency – Fredericton

The goal of the Aboriginal Workforce Development Initiative (AWDI) is to be the link that maximizes the employment of Aboriginal people throughout New Brunswick while providing a solution to the labour needs of the province’s employers in Energy, Foresty, Natural Resources, Construction, Manufacturing and Environmental Technology.

 Our objectives are to:

  • Maximize the employment of Aboriginal people throughout New Brunswick (NB) by partnering with service providers.
  • Provide trades related training and private sector employers for Aboriginal employment opportunities.
  • Identify labour shortages and provide training for employment in our targeted sectors (listed above).
  • Establish working relationships between Aboriginals and the business community.
  • Develop a business strategy that will enable AWDI to become a successful and sustainable organization beyond the funding period.
  • Match clients to jobs and improve outcomes for Aboriginal recruitment, retention and advancement in the Energy, Forestry, Natural Resource and allied sectors.

 We also strive to promote AWDI as the leading source of information, services and contacts for Aboriginal employment in New Brunswick.

Source: Aboriginal Workforce online


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