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Ian Martin Group – IT recruitment Agency – Kitchener

At the Ian Martin Group, we believe amazing achievements are made when innovative people connect. Advances in technology and social media have opened up the world to the idea that we are all connected.

What we do is connect the right people to the right circumstances, at the right time. We do it by understanding that all business works only because of people, and that business to business is really just a fancy way of saying person to person during business hours.

We may not be scientists, engineers, developers or inventors. But we know a lot of people who are, and we’d like to know you. Think about it: the human possibility of people connected together around meaningful work. Our role is simply to make the links, and to find for each a place to flourish.

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Address30 Duke Street West, Suite 502
Kitchener (ON) N2H 3W5
Telephone 519-568-8300
Toll free 1-866-261-8300
Fax 519-568-8165

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