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Marketing Talent INC. – Marketing Recruitment Agency – Toronto

Great marketing is built on passion. We respect marketers who go beyond the day job and demonstrate active engagement with the marketing community. Our reach extends beyond recruitment, and we aim to provide a valuable marketing resource for news, events and development opportunities at all stages of employment. We stand apart from regular headhunters because we know we’re different. Just as you do.

One of our golden rules is that we will not submit a candidate for a role until he or she has been met in person by Marketing Talent staff and interviewed to assess their skills, experience, situation and professional goals. It helps us provide the best kind of service to both the candidate and client. We take care, and pride, in our own. As talent on our books – before and after securing a placement – we like to keep track of your professional progress. It keeps us on the ball as you develop new skills and to new opportunities that open up.

Our active and engaged presence in the industry keeps us in constant contact with the latest news, trends, events and developmental opportunities, all of which we’re glad to share with our community. Whether you’re looking for new challenges or just settling in to one, we aim to provide intelligent, informed insights and opportunities, whether via our blog, book club or Twitter feed.

In every capacity, we hope you enjoy being part of the Marketing Talent community.

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Address18 King Street
Toronto (ON) M5C1C4
Telephone 416 994 3520

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